No More Elves On The Shelves

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Death. It was all that I could think about. And the threat, but that made me think of death. Holly’s voice then boomed through the loudspeaker and invaded my ears.
“Aria, please report to office.” I walked through the sterile halls towards her office, looking at the sunny New York day through the window, but inside feeling dark. What if she knew? Would she fire me? I couldn’t afford to lose Holly. I can still remember her taking me in. I was 14 and slowly dying in a corner. Holly recruited me to kill elves anyway. My family thought I was a disgrace to the family name now that I killed for a living. Killing the Elves actually protected them, even if they didn’t know it. I guess they never really cared about me in the first place though. That’s why they abused me and tossed me out to suffer on the streets.
My brain shattered out of my thoughts as soon as Holly started speaking, “Aria, we found an Elve in New York City, close to town hall, it could hurt someone being that close to people.” The stress nearly washed out of my mind. She didn’t know about the threat yet.
I sauntered back to my room. I quickly opened my dresser and pulled out his threat to me. It wrote: “Darkness fills the chamber, cold and lonesome she stands, dreading the thing that will come and maim her, her thoughts cease to end. STOP KILLING THE ELVES -Oba”
Oba is the king of all the Elves. He could kill me in a heartbeat. I will have to kill him first. I grabbed my gun and Taser and pulled my leather jacket back on and walked out of the agency. I strolled down Broadway watching the kids playfully run around and buying stuff with their parent’s money as they pleased. It made me want to puke. I finally rounded the corner towards the library. Holly says I’m special because I can sense an Elve a mile away. I could see its cracking, yellow teeth and peeling, bruise colored skin under his welted tongue. He was a small one, an easy catch; he was about 3 feet tall. My initial thought was to just shoot him right there because he wasn’t looking at me, but I wanted something else. My feet pounded down the concrete as I tried to grab him. Finally my fingers grasped his slimy arm, dead skin peeling off it. I automatically swung my other hand to my pocket to grab my silver Taser. Then I remembered the threat and what I was trying to do. I held my hand, quivering, an inch away from his neck.
“Tell me where he is now,” I practically screamed at him.
“Whaaht?” He rasped, wriggling away from my grasp.
“You know what!” I screeched into his face.
“I, Im a, eeler, I I mean, Elve,” He stuttered into my face, spit dripping off his tongue.
“I know idiot, I’m Aria, you know who I am,” I couldn’t believe how stupid the creatures could be. But I continued, “I will kill you right now if you don’t tell me where he is”
“Whhooo?” His snarling voice shook now. Good.
“Oba” I roared into his ear, pulling his head back.
“Ooooh, yeeeah. In his castle,” He looked at me slyly. I yanked his head back more.
“O, oo,...

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