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No More Human Dissection Of Cadavers

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The articles “The Virtual Anatomy, Ready for Dissection” written by Natasha Singer and “Anatomy Lessons, A Vanishing Rite for Young Doctors” by Abigail Zuger are both from The New York Times. Both the articles talk about how times are changing and how medical schools are trying to steer away from human cadaver dissection. In today’s world technology is greater than ever but everyone is wondering if technology can replace dissecting real cadavers.
In “Anatomy Lessons, A Vanishing Rite for Young Doctors” cadavers evolved from a criminal offense to saving lives. In the Middle Ages, human dissections were forbidden and it wasn’t until the 17th century that medical schools reveled to the public ...view middle of the document...

T. and M.R.I. scans of living patients. Others take advantage of the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project, which provides radiologic scans and actual digitalized photographs of cross sections of a male and female cadaver. Some students learn anatomy by inspecting important structures in cadavers that have already been dissected by an instructor. Surveys show that due to new advances in today's medical, students spend more than 80 percent less time in dissections than did students in the 1950's. Many medical experts have mixed emotions on how technology is changing the medical field. Some will argue that dissection is out of date and needs to be taken out while others believe that the students need the hands on experience to get a feel of the type of job they are getting themselves into.
In “The Virtual Anatomy, Ready for Dissection” the New York University School of Medicine found a different approach to dissecting cadavers with 3-D technology. The students wear 3-D glasses while dissecting a virtual cadaver projecting on a screen. The virtual body is colored the same colors as it would be in a living human body. All the students can click on different types of muscles, tissue, and organs as if they were cutting through a real body. It is a way for students to have a better understanding without the smell, mess, and mistakes. It is believed that the dead doesn’t compare to a living body due to the embalming fluid and how it takes its toll on the body.
The creation is still new and being developed but has great potential to increase revenue and improve health education. The study is still too new to know if digital human models will help medical students understand anatomy more deeply than dissecting cadavers alone. It does give medical students some advantages over real cadavers. If a student removes an organ on an actual body they cannot put it back but if they used the virtual body they can go back as...

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