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No More Tears Essay

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In todays society people are assaulted by ads every day. The ads are everywhere, in your house, in your car, on the streets. Slogans, catchy songs, videos and images are flashed across TV screens, websites, billboards, phones and radios around the world. These ads are produced by a handful of big name companies. The ads not only try to sell you tangible products but also ideas of what things and people should be or act. Over the years these ads have grown more controversial and suggestive. The teen pregnancy ads in particular have become more aggressive than in the past years with the increase rate of teen pregnancy. The New York City Human Resources Administration with their Teen pregnancy ...view middle of the document...

On the left side of the scan code is the company’s logo and more information about the company in small black font.
By the way the ad is set up it is easy to tell that this ad uses pathos, because of its appeal to emotions and the theme is parental affection. Just looking at the picture of the child alone makes a person’s heartache and they feel compelled to try to protect this child. Looking at this ad the viewer’s eyes are immediately drawn to the child. There are a couple of reasons why the child is what the viewer’s eyes are directed to. The first is because a person’s eyes are the natural focal point on a face. The second is because of the colorfulness of the child compared to both the dull background and the black script next to him. Also the picture of the toddler is larger in proportion to anything else on the page. The bland background of the ad helps to convey the sadness of the child.
Next the ad is set up to read up to be read from left to right, mimicking the way Americans would normally read a book. The yellow strip helps guide your eye from left to right across the page, because the strip does not touch the edge of the right side of the page it acts as an arrow pointing to the big words on the right side. The yellow strip is carefully placed so not to cover the child’s face or take away to much attention from the child. The persuasion is explicit because it talks directly about the issue. The sentence written on the strip is written in a more serious style to show the seriousness of the ad and the problem of teen moms. The words “teen moms” are purposely colored in pink...

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