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No More Thanksgiving Essay

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Thanksgiving is a time to get together with your family and have a nice dinner. Then you play games, catch up, and watch movies. Thanksgiving is the time to be grateful for what you have. But wait; now you had to start dinner earlier and cut out catching up with your family. Now it’s time to get ready to go shopping for those deals you just can’t beat. Forget about being thankful for what you have; now it’s time to buy all the things you don’t have. Has Thanksgiving been taking over by Black Friday, or should we now be calling it Black Thursday? Stores should only be able to open after 12 am on Black Friday.

Imagine having to work on thanksgiving. Not only do those people miss out on Black Friday, but also miss out on time with your family. They also get to go to work more than likely sleep deprived, deal with unpleasant customers, and constant lines. Curtis West worked as a Macy’s employee. In his 24 years of work for them he had to work a total of 19 Black Fridays. He said it wasn’t bad when Black Friday started off, because it usually meant going in at 5 am on Friday. Now for stores to compete with each other they are opening earlier and earlier. He told CNN that working Thanksgiving was not really a choice you either work Thanksgiving or you work the day before thanksgiving and the day after. West is not the only employee that was upset for having to work Thanksgiving, tons of petitions have been created to stop working on Thanksgiving.

Stores are opening earlier and earlier to compete with each other’s Black Friday deals. Black Friday use to be just on Friday, but stores are now opening on Thanksgiving. Last year I thought it was ridicules that stores were opening at 8 pm. This year stores are opening earlier than ever. Kmart is now opening their doors for their Black Friday deals at 6 am on Thanksgiving Day. Wal-Mart is now opening their doors at 6 pm for electronic door busters. For awhile Thanksgiving and Christmas were the only holidays...

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