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"That is just the nature of politics. And these things go on in circles. Even during the course of this campaign, there have been months where I´m a genius and there are months when I´m an idiot. At least if you read the newspapers" said president Barack Obama during the last US election.

President Jonathan Goodluck should for Modesty sake! In the manner of Seven-Point Agenda - give us seven reasons why Nigerian should not call him an idiot for his planned and bounced visitation to Saudi Arabia? Our president had planned travelling to Arabia to say thank-you to the rulers for aiding dead president Yar'Adua while he was sick. Before he comes up with the seven reasons, he should hold a World Conference telling the planet that he is a bigger idiot for indulging in such avoidable foolish hypocrisy. Those of you who think that I'm insulting the president, I've news for you. Before he became president, Obama told ex-president Bill Clinton off as 'loose cannon' for his promiscuous sexual experiment with Monica Lewinsky.

I don't want to dabble into the speculation that our own president Goodluck is accused of not being a tight cannon over his questionable mingling with the wife of another big man. I'm only wondering what pace-setting Obama would say if he's aware that our president is in the womaniser club plus, how'd he react to the fact as given by OBJ's son that ex-president Obasanjo bedded his son's wife. We all have the rights to constructively lampoon our public servants however, and if they cannot take it, resignation is an option. There're those who think that Jonathan and other Nigerian leaders are God chosen who should not be criticised. To them I say, wise up! Democracy is not the same as theocracy or monarchy where leaders are seen as God-sent and Godhead. The egalitarianism of being coequals before the rules of the constitution of a given land is what apart democracy like the one practised in Nigeria from the infallibility of the Pope or 'God save the Queen' rhetoric. Bashment affair is part of democratisation, in fact I'd suggest a 'House of Bashment' is set up after the fashion of House of Representatives. Honourable Bashers would be paid from government coffer: their duty would be to look for government's goofs bash upon it, after which it is sent to Senate and Presidency for amends.

Saudi ruler of course, refused to allow Jonathan to come. They certainly realised that public opion in Nigerian is agaisnt the self-serving knock-about of an idle president. I liken our president's proposed and cancelled visit as similar to an Israeli president wishing to go and thank the queen of England for assisting a scientist who had just cloned onetime German ruler Adolf Hitler. An ardent follower of Hitler as Jonathan Goodluck has become latter-day worshipper of Yar'Adua, might someday contract the British scientist who cloned Dolly the sheep to clone Hitler. Woe betides that Israeli leader who'd brush aside or overlook...

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