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No Need For Cables With Bluetooth

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Bluetooth is a wireless LAN technology designed to connect devices of different function such as telephone, notebooks, computers (desktop and laptop), cameras, printers and coffe makers. A Bluetooth LAN is an ad hoc network, which means that the network is formed spontaneously but sometimes ir called gadgets and make network called a piconet. The cable-free or wireless, technology was initially caonceived by Ericson in 1994, when the company began a study to investigate the feasibility of a low-power, low-cost radio interface between mobile phones and their accessoroes. The company’s goal was to eliminate the need for cables

Bluetooth technology is designed to accelerate the convergence of voice and data to handleld devices such as mobile phones and portable computers. Through the effort of developers and a member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) now appear with features and pplications that not only stayed true to its originally purpose, but also provide for the needs of a much broader technology
The world of Bluetooth is taken ffrom the 10th century Danish King Bluetooth. King Bluetooth had been influential is uniting Scandinavian Europe during an era when the rgion was ripped apart by war and wwarning clans. Today Bluetooth technology is the implementation of the protocol as by IEEE 802.15. this Standard defines personal are without wiring cirscuit (PAN) to operate in the area size or council chamber


1 Bluetooth Components

1.1. Element of a complete bluetooth
• an RF portion for receiving and sending data
• microprocessor module with baseband
• memory
• interface to the host device (mobile phone)

1.2 RF module or can be implemented as a single chip. Nowadays, Ericson has a module available that include short-range radio transceiver, an external antenna and reference clock required for synchronization. It can be used with baseband module, which also offers Ericsson. Those receivers are also available for applications and can be used with Bluetooth baseband solution with other companies or baseband processor packaged.

1.3 . This is the type of arrangement, the lower layer protocols are supported in Bluetooth baseband module and the host processor must support the protocol layer. Or RF broadband solutions provide a way to communicate with the host, but must implement the interface connection to use application that is supported by the final product.

1-4. The top layer of technology to support the so-called Bluetooth profiles. In other words, a set of protocols. A set of optimized protocols for a class of applications such as dial-up or network file transfer. This feature is important because it allows interoperability between equipment. It also requires a specific profile for a device that provides applications comparable to ensure interoperability across the spectrum of the device.

1.5Another option for manufacturers is to embed Bluetooth RF chip / integrated band. Layer...

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