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Your frustration and anger at the God of Mischief had become unbearable, and you had struck his cheek. The skin that was an uniform blue now had a flesh coloured hand mark. Loki's eyes widened in surprise as he tenderly touched his left cheek. It stung and he felt a heat rush run across his face. You watched, barely inches away from him, as a wave of content washed over you. You stared at his blood red eyes as he raised his hand as if to strike you back. You stood there, unflinching, a cross look was riddled among your features.
"Loki Odinson! How dare you speak of yourself or your loyal companions this way! We have been by your side every day from the beginning!"
A sigh escaped his lips as ...view middle of the document...

You cared little for appearances, much to the dismay of your parents, who for years had tried to make you a fair maiden worthy of the attention of nobles across all the realms, only to have their efforts crushed to find you climbing up a tree or swimming in a nearby lake with the princes. As for besting the others in battle, you found the fighting repulsive, as necessary as it was. After your contemplation had ended, you realized that you and Loki had been staring at each other for what seemed like hours. You blushed as you whispered your answer.
"Me... I care."
Those three simple words had an impact on him like you had never seen before. The mix of shock, confusion, and anger, combined with his previous pain and loathing was nearly too much to bear. You watched with worry as his eyes searched the room frantically. You suddenly remembered, this was his safe haven, the room where nothing could touch him. Those three words had brought the security of his barriers crumbling down. Everything he had thought about you, about his situation was wrong, and you had reached inside of his deepest emotions and stabbed them, making them raw and resurfaced.
"How?! Do you see me? I'm a - a monster! I'm a Frost Giant from Jotunnheim! My people have terrorized Asgard for millenia! Why- why don't you scream in fear? Why don't you run away like everybody else?! I should be all alone, like the beast that I am."
"What does that matter? You don't have to be alone anymore, Loki."
"But, I- I'm the monster that parents tell their children about at night! My true father left...

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