“No One Could Coerce Her Child To Do Anything To Meet Her Dictatorship” Even The Mother

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1"No One Could Coerce her Child to Do Anything to Meet Her Dictatorship"Even the MotherOn July 29, 2012, many tens of thousands protestors who included teachers, students and their parents and scholars, were parading under the torrid and humid weather on the street in Hong Kong. Some of the parents carried their little children by strollers. The protestors were saying no to the government's plan, a new curriculum, "Moral and National Education." The scene awakens many worldwide media regard to the variation of relationship between a "Mother" and her "Children," she get them back from their "Adoptive Parent," United Kingdom in 1997. On that time, the "Mother," Chinese Communist Party made a promise, "One country, two systems" to her "Children," Hong Kong people. Therefore, Hong Kong people are governed under their "Guardian," Hong Kong government and its constitution, the Basic Law. The principle of Basic Law, Hong Kong have a high degree of autonomy to preserve their economic and social systems until 2047, in order to achieve the handover smoothly. Unfortunately, the "Mother" might forget her promise. Ko says, "Hong Kong people are wondering if several recent trends and occurrences signify a pattern whereby their home is gradually becoming more like the mainland." The Hong Kong people found that both Chinese Communist Party and Hong Kong governments were impatient to indoctrinate Chinese communist ideology to Hong Kong, but the people dislike the concept against to the principle of the idea, "One country, Two system," of Basic Law. Therefore, many conflicts appeared between Hong Kong residents, their government and the China's government. Consequently, the stabilization of Hong Kong's society would be knocked down because Hong Kong residents hard to confide in both governments according to the 15 years journey.Many conflicts that made Hong Kong people got very frustrated, has damaged to the relationship between them and their governments. "Is Hong Kong turning communist? …Yet many of the city's residents are agonizing over precisely that question" (Ko). Hong Kong, used to be a British's colony for 150 years, people were inherited the international civil education; therefore, Chinese Communist Party and Hong Kong government has given many efforts to remove the entire Victorian characteristic elements from the British's colony era. Even though the greater numbers of Hong Kong residents are the Chinese, the conflicts of cultural differences exist between them and people from Mainland China. Hong Kong civilians, who accumulate their complaints of the conflicts, are deeply resentful at Chinese Communist Party, has interfered too much in Hong Kong political system. Likewise, a big movement appeared that many Hong Kong people disagree to their government, carry out a new curriculum, "Moral and National Education," aim to teach the students about China's history, culture, and some national condition in public school. The new curriculum purposes to...

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