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No One Is Offering Essay

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2006, teens across the United States had an unemployment rate of sixteen and a half percent (that’s four times higher than the adult rate). In Illinois, youth between the ages of 16 to 19 have an unemployment rate of nearly twenty three percent (“Why Teens Aren’t Finding Jobs…”). Because employers hire candidates based on education and experience, teenagers are not necessarily qualified for certain positions since they lack the necessary requirements (“How Employers Hire”). With the shortage of jobs in Illinois, teenagers stand without any pecuniary responsibilities and will live on their parents’ income until they find a job.
Lacking employment, teenagers will not learn how to be a responsible adult. Teenagers will go on for years of not knowing the true value of money since they will not have any key responsibilities of buying their own car or paying their own cellphone bill. Responsibility is a hands-on lesson not a lesson that is instructed (Crawford). With teenagers still trying to pursue a job or career at a young age, teenagers now are having kids of their own. While having a child is enough responsibility, how is caring for a child with no job going to reflect on the teen’s future? The teen will drop-out of school because companies are searching for full-time employees. In addition of learning on their own, some teens will not have their families’ support because the child is not theirs to be supporting and taking care of. Teens are in need of jobs to learn responsibility and support themselves and children (if any).
With no job, parents will have to underwrite their teens’ expenses until they find a job which can take years. Parents paying for their teenagers’ expenses can be a huge burden for the parent(s) because the parents can be going through a divorce or have medical expenses or other expenses to pay or bills are becoming too high or taxes are rising because their income increased. Teens nowadays usually do not ask their parents for money to go out with friends because it is embarrassing. Teenagers cannot always rely on their parents for everything.
To help these teens...

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