No One Person Is Perfect Essay

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No one person is perfect. Mistakes, just like water, are an essential part of life. It's not for our faults that we should be judged; rather it's the way we learn to accept our human nature and change for the better. In Nathaniel Hawthorne's Puritanical novel, The Scarlet Letter, the main character, Hester Prynne, commits an offense of infidelity against her husband, Roger Chillingworth. From then on her secret affair with the Puritan minister will always be on her mind considering the degradation she was subjected to and the infamous letter that will be forever embedded on her bosom and her child Pearl -- the fruit of her sin.Hester was a woman that was well ahead of her time; she displayed ...view middle of the document...

Early in the novel, Hawthorne explains that Hester was forced into a marriage to a man she did not truly love, and after being separated for a long amount of time, she became attracted to another man. Then later, she became a victim of a crime, which she was severely punished, despite the fact that she could only be accountable for half of the incident. Hester was much stronger and more courageous than her partner in adultery. Arthur Dimmesdale her secret lover was a minister in a Puritan church, who hides his sin from his congregation in order to maintain his reputation. He tells Hester, "happy for you Hester that wear the scarlet letter openly upon your bosom! Mine burns in secret (177)." Meanwhile Hester had enough audacity to stand alone with out a known partner in crime. She respected Arthur's decision to stay silent without a word against him. Yet Hester accepted the consequence that came along with committing adultery. While learning to live life after the embarrassment she went through at the scaffold and the life long punishment of having to wear the embedded letter "A" on her chest. That scarlet letter made her stronger, and a woman to be later admired from her Puritan counterparts.In the early chapters of this story, Hester's social life was virtually eliminated as a result of her shameful history. Knowing that all she had after she walked out of the prison door was her letter on her chest and beloved daughter Pearl by her side. She brought home her income by working as the town seamstress. Hester devoted the remainder of her time for creating garments for the poor. Overlooking the fact...

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