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No One Want To Be A Cat Lady

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Advertisements are a part of our everyday lives. We see them so much that society has become numb to most of them. There are brands of every kind that are making ads and trying to acquire the attention of the world so that a profit can be made. How is it that any of these companies make successful ads then? They find what are searching for the most in their lives and intertwine it in the ad.
In the world today people want to be wanted. People are constantly searching for companionship. It does not matter if it is from a cute boy, a friend, or even from a parent. In the article “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals,” by Jib Fowles, it mentions that “the need to associate with others is widely invoked in advertising and is probably the most prevalent appeal.” There is no wonder why this appeal is the most efficient. From the day that he or she is born, they are being accustomed to always being by someone’s side. Many times Americans will not admit it, but they want someone by their side that they can always count on and can seek approval from.
Fortunately for companies, they do not always have to create an ad to advertise. One rarely sees a commercial promoting Hollister. However, the outcast sees the popular girls wearing Hollister jeans and the idea of being accepted by others, having a big group of friends with a cute star-athlete boyfriend is now associated with wearing Hollister. The same goes for a freshman boy wearing the basketball shoes his mom bought him from a knock off brand store to tryouts, as he looks around and sees the varsity boys wearing Nike’s he creates the sense that if he wants to be a great athlete and make it on to the team and be accepted he must purchase this brand of shoes.
People just want to be wanted back. In a sick way, society has been shaped so that happiness comes from being accepted by someone, and the way to be accepted is through different brands that...

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