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Ever since I was little, i have had the career aspirations of any other child. From ballerina to firefighter, fashion designer to chef. At one point I wanted to be a veterinarian, but when I came to the realization that I don't particularly like animals that dream slowly faded and died. When I looked back upon my previous dreams I realized one common theme, Helping people. It was from then on that I knew who I wanted to be.
It all started on a Sunday morning when I was fifteen. My mom was making a spinach quiche while watching a documentary on human trafficking. I was not paying very much attention to what was on screen, but to the new installment of romance novels by Noah Sparks. Just as ...view middle of the document...

Licensed Sexual Therapists can also teach and be mentored in sexual education classes. This is when I knew what I wanted to do with my life, i wanted to be a Sexual Therapist.
Since then I have researched everything I can get me where I want to go. While I was still in high school, I began to take free online courses with the Kinsey Institute. These courses are not graded, but exist purely to educate others on sexual therapy and anatomy. I have been through the basic courses in anatomy and biology and even took a course on sexual education. Upon graduating from high school, I chose to attend Chadron state college for their excellent psychology department. Even though I cannot take specific sexual therapy courses at this school, I can receive my bachelors in communication and family therapy. At the moment I am heavily immersed into the psychology department and even speaking with my professors about my future in the field.
When I graduate from Chadron State in 2016 I will transfer to Widener University, the number one school in the country for sexual health studies. While i'm there I will receive my masters in sexual health and my certification as a sexual therapist. During my masters program I will be completing my internship and upon graduation I will hopefully be a therapist at the same practice I interned for. Over the...

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