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No Pay For Play Essay

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The college experience is now being labeled as a luxury only available to those who can afford it. In a roundtable discussion held by Congressman John Carney (D-DE), it was pointed out that the cost of attending college has increased up to 570 percent over the past three decades. Many young students find it difficult to achieve their goal of obtaining a higher education. The student athlete, however, does not need to have money or high intelligence to receive this type of education. All they need is pure talent and a big break. Now, few student athletes feel money should be added to the mix. This would only add insult to those who still cannot afford college. Student athletes should not be ...view middle of the document...

Whichever occurs first, the student athlete will no longer play a sport out of pure enjoyment.
Those against paying for play feel the student athlete is already being paid with an education. Richard Burton, a writer for U.S. News & World Report, stated student athletes not being paid are still receiving a multitude of incentives (1). The examples he gave range anywhere from on-campus housing to free professional development (Burton 1). He also shared a bit of insight to what will happen if colleges decide to pay athletes and summed it all up when he said, “Some other party will have to take less” (Burton 1). There may not be enough to go around for all athletes or some benefactors may not want to give up their share.
If student athletes were paid to play, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and many colleges would have a very difficult time determining which sport to invest in. In 2012, only 23 out of 228 athletic programs were able to cover their sport’s expenses (Zissou 15). Less-profitable sports might have to drop their programs if athletes start getting paid (Zissou 15). The cost of tuition might even rise dramatically to offset the cost of paying athletes (Zissou 15). Both scenarios would be a huge unfair advantage to regular students. The biggest disappointment would be the college education becoming worthless as players forget the main reason why they are going to school (Zissou 15).
The student athletes do have reasons for their requests to be paid. According NCAA rules, college athletes cannot be paid, but nothing is done to stop schools from profiteering from their performances and likenesses (Zissou 15). Players can reach superstar status, but never receive a penny for their efforts. Also, some athletes dedicate more than 40 hours to their sport which causes them to neglect classroom studies (Zissou 15). This could be the reason why some athletes lose motivation for their sport.
College football is the one sport that is the most debated when it comes to pay for play. Football generates more revenue than any other sport in college...

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