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No Perfect Endings Essay

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No Perfect Endings
There has been an undeniable demand for books about dystopian societies recently, and authors definitely haven’t been disappointing. Big, new titles have been popping up everywhere, and although it has satisfied readers, it’s difficult to find a novel that rises above the rest.
Veronica Roth’s Divergent series is a breath of fresh air; it has a creative plot which is anything but typical. It’s easy to see how her name has been able to cruise on the New York Times best-selling list for over a year. But the final book in the trilogy, Allegiant, is what stands out to be a strong finish to an exhilarating race.
Throughout the first two books the main characters, Tris, Tobias and a few others, fought in a war against a conflict which was destroying the seemingly perfect society in their city. But in Allegiant, their entire world changes after they leave into unknown territory where they find out that they are a part of something much larger.
The group is taken to a government facility where they learn that the city they’ve known to love is just one of many projects that the government had created in search of undamaged DNA. And while they’re still trying to process this and adjust to their new lives, they find that when you spend less time fighting a revolution, life will hand you new things to battle such as relationships, trust, and love. But even that doesn’t fog over the real problem: this society is just as corrupt as their last.
They come about many ways to deal with this new information, some of which had huge consequences. But when it all goes down, they end up where their hearts have always lie and choose to save a lost cause, or rather, a forgotten one.
Many people choose to compare this series to Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games, which is unfair. Aside from both of them being a trilogy of a dystopian society, these books are worlds apart (pun intended). But what is it that makes this one so great?
Perhaps its because this book isn’t pasted...

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