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Imagine that you’re in your and Harry’s old apartment. You’re standing by the big panorama window and glaring out over the busy London streets, the high buildings and the beautiful sunset. This was exactly how you remembered it. All the nights you and Harry spent together and just enjoying each others company and watching over the city. This was how you pictured your life to be, right beside Harry’s.
The click of the door opening caught your attention and after a moment the sound of two voices filled the empty air. You could hear him for the first time in a while. Everything you had missed, his thick accent, his husky voice and the always to polite language. The warm feeling filled your chest and if it wasn’t impossible you almost could swear you felt your heart beat again. You stared over the couch out toward the hallway. Seconds or maybe minutes went passing before he finally entered the parlour. He was even more beautiful that you remembered. Harry looked more grown up than ever, not only because he was older but he just looked more mature. His jeans was ripped on his knees, a black t-shirt pulled on and a to worn out red headband around his head. All you wanted was to throw yourself at him, wrap your arms around his neck as you imagined him wrapping his arms around your waist. You begun to walk toward him but then it hit you, he was not alone. The girl he had brought this time was even more gorgeous than everybody before. By the look of her you could swear she was a model or something you had seen in some sort of magazine. By only looking at her skinny frame, blown long hair and brown chocolate eyes was like being stabbed in her stomach. You felt sick and lightheaded watching them together but it was like your glare was glued and it was impossible to turn away. After they chatted a moment Harry stumbled away toward the kitchen while the girl walked around the room. She stopped after a few meters and stared at something beside the enormous fireplace right across the room from where you stood. Curious you walked over the room and sneaked up behind her. You see the photo with you and Harry that you two took on your first vacation together. You smile at the picture and remember how stubborn Harry was when he insisted on your forest guide in Thailand to stop and take the picture in front of a huge waterfall while Harry held you in his arms. But almost to quickly that happy memory and smile turn into a painful squint. You turned around from the girl and the picture. Your mind taking you far away as your legs lead you toward the kitchen. As you enter you notice Harry standing by the counter with his hands in his hair and staring down at the running water in front of him. The sobs barely hearable over the water. “Harry.” You whisper as you try to reach after him but just as your fingers will touch him you feel the magnet between you and your hand is pushed away. As if he had heard or felt your present he turned around with a horrified expression and...

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