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From zebras to penguins to snakes, there is only one place where people the opportunity to see any animal they want in one day. The local zoo attracts families everywhere. Its an activity that is not only entertaining but also educational that all ages can enjoy. Not only do people benefit because of zoos but it is also beneficial to the animals as well. Zoos are a good thing and their are many positives that come along with them.
Thanks to the animals in zoos we have been able to do research to help improve the animals lives. A study done in 2002 showed that zoos participated in over 2,230 conservation in research projects in over 80 different countries. From these projects they were able to find information that helps them develop new medicines and techniques to improve the health of the animals. Without these animals being in zoos where they can be studied by their behavior and reactions to things, they would not be able to be helped when sick or injured. Conservation efforts have also found ways to improve because of the research they have gathered. The profits that many zoos have earned, donate a proportion to these conservation projects.
Zoos also help preserve animal species that would otherwise be extinct. There are special breeding programs where zoos take these endangered animals and breed them to add them to the population. Gerald Iles, a zoologist once said “the animals of
Africa have been reduced by 80% within the last hundred years... and 600 species of animals are tottering on the brink of extinction”. Zoos step up and make sure that these animals do not become extinct that way people years from now can benefit from them as much as the world does now. Not only do they save the animals but afterwards they release the animals back into the wild.
Another positive for a zoo is they educate. Going to the zoo, almost everyone learns something. People get to see how animals act in their daily lives, along with there are cards hanging up telling about the animal and their species. Sometimes there is even a worker informing the guest more information of the animals. Not only that but workers even sometimes do what “tricks” to show everyone what these animals can do, as well as train the animals in the process. These “tricks” are not for entertainment purpose at all, even though they can be. The workers teach the animals simple things like to let the keeper see the fins or other parts of the body, roll over, or allow them to be petted. If the animals complete these tricks, the keeper will...

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