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No Quiero Taco Bell Essay

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  America is known for it’s ability to combine many different cultures and backgrounds together to make a great nation, it is even more famous for doing this with food. The United States is known for its fast food industry. With this also comes a blend of various food with an American twist. One example is the well known and popular fast food restaurant Taco Bell. While Taco Bell is not labeled strictly as Mexican food, I believe it draws enough inspiration from traditional Mexican cuisine that it should be judged on the regular Mexican food standard. If a person were to compare the “Mexican” food served at Taco Bell to traditional Mexican dishes, people would find the Americanized versions ...view middle of the document...

By only offering breakfast burritos, Taco Bell ignores a popular food option that could be a great addition to their menu, and it is one that would add variety to their menu, besides just serving tacos or burritos. Also by only offering a limited diversity of Mexican inspired dishes, Taco Bell loses its authentic Mexican appeal it tries to portray to the public. Taco Bell offers only a few Mexican inspired dishes which also limits the kind of ingredients it uses.
  Many of the tacos and burritos Taco Bell serves are filled with chicken or beef. Even the quesadillas are filled with chicken or beef. Not to say meat is not used in traditional Mexican food, but the type of meat that is used is different. I have had chicken in many traditional dishes such as in Tamales, Enchiladas, Arroz con Pollo (also called Chicken and rice), and many others. While chicken is often used, the most popular meat by far is actually aquatic. Fish is used in tacos, in soups, and especially in Paella, a traditional Spanish dish which incorporates rice, fish, and other ingredients. In the regard to the ingredients used, Taco Bell falls short. No where on the Taco Bell menu is fish included (Taco Bell). With traditional Mexican cuisine in mind, fish is a must have on the menu. It has become an important food staple in Mexican dishes. Taco Bell also adds many ingredients that are not added in traditional Mexican food. In the nutritional facts Taco Bell provides on their website, it is clearly stated that they add “Tomato Powder, Modified Potato Starch, Garlic Powder, Dextrose” to their chicken (Taco Bell). Other ingredients are also added to their shredded chicken to add to the taste.
  Another important part in Mexican dishes is salsa. Salsa can make or break a dish. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are known to love salsa. It is a very proud tradition in the Mexican culture to make salsa. In my own family my grandpa is known for his salsa. Only he is allowed to make the salsa to...

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