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No Regenerative Anemia: Essay

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Picture this, you own a 4 year old, 80 pound, male, chocolate lab, named Jackson and, a 4 month old, male, yellow lab, name jasper, both labs are from the same parents. One day you decide it is time to take your 4 year old lab in to the vet because, over the last few days you’ve noticed that he just hasn’t been acting himself. He hasn’t played with the puppy like he normally does, wrestling, and running around. All he wants to do is lay on his bed. So you take him to the vet. Your vet says he would like to take a blood sample and run some tests to see what might be going on. So they take him to the back and draw his blood and start to run some tests. As they do that, one of the Veterinary Technician’s begins to ask you how he has been acting, if he has gotten into anything, etc. You answer all of their questions to the best of your knowledge. About ten minutes later the veterinarian comes in and tells you that your dog has non-regenerative anemia. You begin to ask what that is, is it treatable, what are the signs, can my puppy get it too, does Jackson have a future and if he does what will I need to do. Your vet begins to explain it all to you.
Non-regenerative anemia is when the bone marrow fails to produce red blood cells also known as erythropoiesis. The kidney’s send a chemical called EPO to the bone marrow telling the bone marrow to create more red blood cells. In non-regenerative anemia there is some type of reason why the bone marrow is not responding. This may be due to bone marrow disease, infections (tick disease), Abscesses, Cancer, kidney failure, drugs, toxic chemicals, radiation, lead poisoning, or it could have possibly been inherited from the parents.
Some symptoms you may see are pale mucus membranes, due to the lack of oxygen. The animal may feel weak, possibly not lifting its head up or not wanting to stand and possibly can’t. They may feel depressed do to not being able to get around like they normally do. Possibly sleep more than they usually do. Maybe not even eating as much as they normally do, because they are so weak they can’t stand up or because they are too weak to move. The animal may start breathing faster and heavier and their heart rate may increase because, the heart is trying to pump the blood to carry the oxygen to the body also causing the animal’s respiratory rate to increase. Many species may have non-regenerative anemia.
Species that may become infected with non-regenerative anemia are Dogs and...

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