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No Rest For The Students: How Rest Should Become A Priority For Students

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How much time do we, as students, spend on the World Wide Web? I mean both studying and “studying.” You know what I am talking about. It is those breaks we take after researching an article for a paper that is due at a fast-approaching date. Of course, that is only one of the many reasons why students stay up late, whether it is doing homework or chatting away with friends and family. Students are racing against time to fulfill their duties as well as our desires. However, to borrow the colloquialism, we do not charge our own batteries. With the necessity to keep studying, working and staying awake becoming stronger for students in today’s competitive educational system, sleep has become less of a concern when it should be more of an essential part of everyday lives.
We know sleep is important because we feel energized when we wake up from our slumber. Russel Foster, a professor of Circadian Neuroscience and Head of the department of Ophthalmology at the University of Oxford, says that the 36% of an average person’s life is spent asleep (TED Talks). We do not learn how to sleep; we are born with ability to do it, which leads us to an obvious conclusion. Sleep is an important activity and the science behind it goes deeper than simply resting our eyes in order to be alert tomorrow.
In order to continue, one must understand a few things about sleep and what it
does to our brain. Although scientists have yet to pin-point everything that occurs when we sleep, they have concluded that health problems are linked with lack of sleep. According to the medical journal written by Samantha S. Clinkinbeard, “insufficient sleep not only adversely affects stress management skills but also increases the risk of colds and infections, is implicated as an important contributor in occupational and traffic accidents, and is linked to chronic disease” (Clinkinbeard 2). If the body is not given what it needs, in this case rest, the day-to-day tasks that students must accomplish will become more difficult, possibly more than some already are which only puts unnecessary stress on the student. So when we do not sleep enough or at all, not only do we feel fatigued but we will also pay the consequences with long term health problems.
If we continue to get less sleep every night, we fall into what is called “sleep debt.” This term is defined in an online article called “Can You Catch Up On Lost Sleep?” by Mollyy Webster, who says “sleep debt is the difference between the amount of sleep you should be getting and the amount you actually get.” For example, the general rule of thumb for sleep is 8 hours every night. However in an article in the American Educator magazine, “eight hours is considered borderline, and less than eight, insufficient. By this measure, only about 8 percent of teens report optimal sleep, and the majority--69 percent--report insufficient sleep” (Are Sleepy Students). Now consider a college student who is most likely on the “less than eight” side...

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