No Rest For The Wicked Essay

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"No Rest For The Wicked"

The ambition of the Protestant Reformation was to "place God everywhere," when in actuality it made today's world even more secular than it was. The main goal was to create a world of profit in a strong world of morality. The documentary follows the Protestant religion's beginnings to the present day. In the 1536, a young pastor named John Calvin was recruited to start a new church in Geneva following a break from the Roman Catholic Church. Calvin was inspired by Martin Luther another French theologian whose temperament was fun than that of Calvin's. However, both men had similar beliefs. They believed in predestination and that faith was the only way to salvation. By the sixteenth century, things began to loosen up. "A new egalitarian, no distinction, and liberated God was now in the streets"(documentary).
The span of three hundred years transformed the world. The Puritan's obsession was time. They thought that all time was God's time. They were a culture obsessed with the passage of time and many authors wrote about it. In A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, the passing of time along with the rite of passage illustrated Rowlandson's Puritan beliefs. Through the author's lens, the reader can see her journey, her struggles, and her faith and dedication to God.
During the second English Civil War, reformed groups of Puritans took up arms against King Charles and killed him. With many years of fighting and no hope for religion in England, even well established people like John Winthrop decided to flee. These early Puritans are the early relatives of the new group of Puritans who did change the world.
Benjamin Franklin, who was cut from the same Calvinist cloth as his ancestors spread his "holy trinity" of self help, industry, and personal betterment. He did this by inserting proverbs into his printed Almanac. This was a way to "root Puritan values deep in the American Psyche" and it worked. It helped to develop the Ameritocracy or wealth of the country. Protestant identity equals American identity.
In 1765, a man named Josiah Wedgewood founded a pottery business based in New York City. He was a believer in conscience driven capitalism and used a central practice system. This system produced an economy of labor focusing on specialty work. Each person centering on only one task. Wedgewood valued human life and treated his workers well. His idea that "All men are equal in the sight of God" is echoed by many writers of the time. John Adams was a true champion of this very sacred right. Adams may not have penned the Declaration of Independence, but he was a proponent and a signer of it. In his Letters from John Adams to Abigail Adams, July 3, 1776 he wrote "that these united Colonies are, and of right ought to be free and independent" (Lauter, 475). Wedgewood was way ahead of his time and a model for how a person should treat another person.

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