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No Sacrifice Too Great Essay

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“Some wish to live within the sound of church or chapel bell. I want to run a rescue ship within a yard of Hell.” (Zoppelt) While this seems like a bold and daring statement for one to make nonetheless it was the declaration of C.T. Studd. We live in a time where such a bold proclamation would be considered radical or extreme. Who would want to live with the ridicule incurred by such a statement? Who is really going to lay their body at the gates of hell and permit no one to pass? In this day and age the answer may be no one. However, it is the exact position God has called each of us who call upon Him to put ourselves in. You may be alone in your stand here on earth, but you have all of heaven rallied behind you sounding the victory cry. It is a journey of faith in God alone. It isn‟t for the nominal Christian, the partially committed, or even the cool Christian; to take this stand you must “deny yourself and take up your cross daily” (New American Standard Luke 9:23). There are no half-hearted commitments only full surrender to the will and nature of God.

Growing up C.T. (Charles Thomas) Studd was what you would call a nominal Christian. He went to church every Sunday, believed in God and lived a morally good life. Life in England consisted of hunting and cricket. These two things were held in high esteem in the Studd household. The year of 1877 found C.T. and his two brothers at Eton College playing cricket. Cricket became more than just a sport to C.T., it was his life. He practiced long hours every day and it showed on the field. Still religion was a Sunday only happening. That is until Mr. Studd was invited to a meeting held by D.L. Moody and Ira Sankey. Through the influence of these men Mr. Studd surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and lived a life of total dedication to the cause of the Kingdom. This did not go unnoticed by C.T. but it wasn't something he desired. In fact he shrunk back every time his father attempted to talk with him about spiritual matters.

Zealous for the things of the Lord, Mr. Studd assisted in arranging weekly meetings for the preaching of the gospel. The men who preached at these meetings often stayed at the Studd residence while in town. Much to the disliking of C.T. one of the less popular visitors stopped Him one day and asked if he was a Christian. “I am not what you call a Christian. I have believed on Jesus Christ since I was knee high. Of course, I believe in the Church, too,” was the response the gentleman received. Yet that answer did not satisfy the intentions of the preacher. By the end the conversation C.T. had received Jesus Christ‟s gift of salvation.

Continuing on at Trinity College, Cambridge, C.T. upheld and elevated his cricket reputation. It was here the love of cricket over took his love of Jesus. During the next six years C.T. received much acclaim and praise for his cricket skills. Yet, it took the near bereavement of his brother to awaken him to the finality of death and the short time...

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