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Great leaders have a strong sense of Character, a measure by morals, ethics, honesty, and positive reputable traits. Alexander the great is a man of character. The fame behind the name is the memories of all achievements and imprints left on mankind. Alexander is most certainly known for his war strategy and tactics. The more compelling aspect is his manner of speech. This powerful war crazed enthusiast speaks with great eloquence and logic; presents arguments in persuasive manners that win over stirring emotions. Alexander proves to be a man who can seal any deal with an array of meticulous words followed by sound examples. When history looks at a man as “the ruler of two million square miles in the Middle East, the steppes of central Asia, northern India and Egypt (Moonan 2004),” this speaks wonders. This speech will provide evidence in the qualities of Alexander’s character. The logical arguments accompanied by the direct teachings of Aristotle make Alexander the Great a powerful speaker which in turn gives him more leadership, a trait of character.

The art of speaking or crafty persuasion is credited to none other than Aristotle. According to the teachings of Aristotle, which are primarily the foundation of all philosophy today, there are three pillars of public speaking. The pillars define the outlining positions that effectively make anyone a strong speaker. The three pillars are Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Ethos is Greek for character. Character being defined by: trustworthiness, similarity, authority, and reputation. These particles result in the path to making the speaker a creditable source, someone worth listening to. Pathos is Greek for appeal to the

audience emotion. Meaning recognize their emotions and build a connecting point that bonds the gap of difference between the speaker and the audience. And finally Logos is Greek for logic. Logically proving your points and enforcing the ideas or thoughts that are in play. The use of each of these key elements creates the mastery of speech a tool that can change the minds and lives of many.

Mastery of speech is merely the use of words as a weapon. They can damage the discouraged by a verbal beating. Or kill joy in the youth. On the other side, words can heal the broken hearted. Bring joy into your ears. Uplift sick dying souls, and just have an overwhelming positive affect. Now combine the power of words with Aristotle’s full proof map of speech and that makes a winning method. No matter how tired all the soldiers were after the last battle the words of
Alexander gave them something that they did not have before. These men, Alexander’s soldiers, must have looked at Alexander with great respect and awe. The arguments, the sound logic in his words with emotional appeal must have empowered those who listened. A reputation of such league is none other than those with character; such as: Roosevelt, Gandhi, Bonaparte, and George Washington, men who have all committed...

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