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No Such Sanity Essay

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Going insane isn’t really going crazy is it? It’s technically just a different way of thinking. Not only is it thinking a different way, but also because our brains process differently than when we are sane.
While insanity means doing the same thing, thinking it will change, and getting the same results, sanity is being sound of mind. Although sanity has an exact definition there is one question we must ask ourselves. What exactly does it mean by having a sound mind? Does it mean that we are free from longing people to be dead? Or could it possibly direct its aim at not hurting ourselves and being unnaturally violent?
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This art work can represent many things, but the first one we see is a dark frame of mind. When we look at this painting, we automatically notice the darkness is spread throughout the painting. We can interpret the darkness as insecurity or evil. Goya painted Saturn to look straight at the observer with pure horror. One can only wonder why Goya made the painting this way. Was it because he felt insanity was getting the better of him? Or was it his isolation that made him insane?
In the same collection by Goya, he painted a piece called “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters”. This picture represents how insanity is an unconscious sense. In the painting, the person is painted with lighter colors representing goodness and light, but the creatures behind him are painted with darker and more demented colors which can represent darkness and insanity. The creature’s eyes are painted to stare at the viewer. This means that insanity could be staring straight at us without us even knowing.
These two paintings are from the same collection called the “black paintings”. A decade after the Spanish war, Goya was suffering from a disease that made him deaf. It is said that these paintings were about the war and the effects of it or because he had to deal with the disease. But he was having a rough time and it made his life dark as we can tell from the use of colors and details such as eyes of the creatures and creatures in his drawings.
A poem that relates to Goya’s paintings would be Insanity by Calvin Thomas Jr. This poems talks about insanity hiding in things we find normal in everyday lives. It contains a metaphor about a dress as we use it to mask and cover the insanity. He talks about how it slips off, but we pull in back up to keep our true selves hidden within the cloth of safety. He also uses the phrase,” Grinning out loud,” meaning that our senses have been mixed up and we can no longer decipher them anymore. He uses this as a sign that we have gone insane.
In William Shakespeare’s King Lear, Lear goes insane by betrayal. In the book, Lear divides his kingdom among his three daughters’ by flattery. When his daughter Cordelia refuses to kiss up to him, he disowns her. He then decided to split the kingdom between his two eldest daughters. He thought he would spend a few months living one of them and then go stay with the other daughter for a few months, but little did he know his daughters were up to no good. The two daughters did not like the fact that Lear had made these plans without consenting them first, so they were...

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