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No Such Thing As Fair Discrimination

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Affirmative action is a method that tries to end discrimination, to bring diversity, and most importantly, to correct America’s historical racism and misdemeanor towards the minority--by giving a preferential treatment or boost towards the marginalized people in admissions to universities or employments. From former President Kennedy’s Executive Order 10925, the first use of the phrase, to Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, supreme court case that set the boundaries of affirmative action, affirmative action’s idea of expanding equality has become an issue continually commended and criticize. The type of affirmative action that is currently being implemented is not the ...view middle of the document...

) are under poverty. In college admissions, most of the time, the White and Asian populations are seen as the majority. The majority who works harder and/or more qualified can be rejected admission, strictly because it is expected off of them. For instance, a White applicant who falls under the 13% poverty rate can be declined because he is part of the majority, while a rich Hispanic applicant will be accepted because he is part of the lesser population.
While lowering the standards for the minority, affirmative action is setting the bar higher for the majority. In “An Education in Affirmative Action” by Nelms, a student in University of Michigan, suggests that he and his other peers who are White that do well school are to be expected while a Black or Hispanic student who is able to do fine on an exam is considered amazing. Affirmative action provides the minority an exaggerated talent or ability. By reducing the minority’s standards for college admissions, universities seem to favor a student for his or her race while punishing the other for being part of the majority. Also, by providing a boost, affirmative action seems to be condescending minorities’ actual abilities.
By admitting a...

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