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"No Sugar": Analysis Of The Play.

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Essay"No Sugar"One people One land that's how the whites saw it back in the early 19 hundreds of the Australian settlement. They didn't recognise the aboriginal people to be as people, to them they were but cheap labour. The Australian drama "No Sugar" gives us an insight into this through the lives of a few aboriginal people. The play shows how aboriginal people lose their way and become more reliant on the white man and how the whites used this position of power of them. One cannot survive unless one has ones' purpose. To aboriginal people their purpose was unrecognised due to the destruction of their past. Which meant that their purpose was lost and without that they faded away with help by the white man.The play is set in the 1929 in Western Australia, in a small settlement called Moore River. The story behind the play is about an aboriginal family and how they work to gain their purpose and fight to survive. This is well characterised and through it's characters we are able to see the theme to the play that one must have ones' purpose in order to survive. Characters like Jimmy Munday and Joe represent the stronger aboriginal, the side that stands up to the white man, the side that don't step back but take a few steps forward. Their courage and willingness to gain their purpose is passed on to the other aboriginal people throughout the play and help bring the aboriginal closer.The theme of the play is a very powerful one as it asks the viewer to think and question himself or herself on to what is their own purpose and how could they achieve their purpose if they have not found it. One has to have ones' purpose in order to survive. For the aboriginal people their...

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