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My Attempted Sacrifice Essay

1062 words - 5 pages

It’s dark; so dark. I hide just behind the lamp-post, because sooner or later somebody will notice me out of my bed. It’s 10:30 PM; My siblings and I always go to bed at 7, while Mom and Dad sleep at 10 and 11 PM, respectively.

The young man I’ve targeted must have fallen asleep on the sidewalk. A stray.
Very quietly, I walk just a few inches towards him, lowering my breaths as well.
As criminal as it may seem, I’m only obeying Anne’s orders; Anne is my doll. She never hates me, and I never try to upset her. Hopefully my parents don’t notice they are one knife short, because I’m holding on to it right now.

I draw my knife and aim it at his neck, forming an imaginary X-mark in my head, but as i withdraw the blade to give the cut some momentum, the man’s eyes open. Too late.

“Calm down...I’m doing this for you, boy. Mae is a good girl.”

My victim yelps, his eyes widening. But other than that he’s not reluctantly accepting his fate. However, Dad must’ve heard from the neighbouring house. I manage to break the young fool’s skin and it bleeds, but nothing else happens before I’m reeled away from him.
“No!” I struggle against my father’s grip, “He has to die! Anne told me! He has to!”

“What happened here?!” Dad asks the petrified victim. But the man doesn’t speak, he’s too much of a coward to do so.

My ears perk up as I hear light footsteps; I see mom running towards us, panting.

“Lars! Honey?”

I struggle again, which leads to further constraint. Dad is powerful, therefore me fidgeting doesn’t budge him.

“She tried to ‘sacrifice’ someone again. To that damned doll.”

There’s tears on mom’s face, “I’m sure she didn’t mean it!”

“Do you, now?”, Dad has always been the Alpha in the family; It’s a traditional custom, “I think she should be locked up. What sort of crazy do you have to be to obey a toy’s orders to murder?”
This genuinely upsets mom, “Oh no, honey!”, she crosses her arms, “No child of mine will be at the mercy of strangers!”.

But Dad is unyielding. He makes me stay in my room for the next few days. The last morning I wake up to find the door slightly opened. Silently, I tiptoe downstairs to find the rest of the family enjoying breakfast; eating and chatting like nothing had happened the week before.
Mac, my youngest brother, waves at me; he had saved me a seat on the table, too. I smile, because I know we’re very close and he never stops being loyal to me.

As puppies, we have one rule to ourselves. If any one of us is sent to our room, we don’t rub it in each other’s faces otherwards. We pretend like nothing happened.

Dad and mom tell us to brush our teeth to get ready for training school. I stand up from my chair although I had not...

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