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No Title Yet Essay

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Identity is a complex structure so unique to each individual that even two people who seem to share the same self will always find one point of difference. Formed by countless interactions that would be impossible to replicate perfectly and with the same amount of emotional an personal impact for each person, identity continues to grow not only as our life does, but alongside the entirety of civilization. Although identity has many components, the part I will be breaking down is that related to sexuality and gender expression, to very broad categories on their own, and the effect of media on their growth. My analysis will be limited by the text within You Can Tell Just By Looking, specifically “Myth 7 Homosexuals are Born That Way.” We are currently in a great era of change of norms and culture, and what of the greatest shows of this is what we present to each other through sources of media. Hopefully through close reading the text I will be able to dig deeper into the building blocks of identity sculpture in both our culture and individuals.
Often times the concept of sexuality gets oversimplified, being broken down smaller and smaller into easier to grasp concepts for everyone to understand. The problem caused by this is that we start to break down the essence of human development into solely being created a birth, the concept of nature. On the opposite side of the spectrum, however, we cannot assume that all of human development takes place throughout the lifetime as nurture. This argument is a psychologist’s nightmare, but for the concept of sexuality and identity it makes a lot of sense; it is a growing process based off a potential seed planted at the beginning of a person's life. "Sexuality is not a containable part of yourself, or simply reducible to a sex act. Rather, it is an ongoing process formed by the interactions of our psyche, body, and environment" (BPA 60). Sexuality has evolved from a scientific term to a fully evolving, customizable social label which manages to bring about passionate group mentality through connected beliefs. We, as mentally advanced beings, have the ability to self-evaluate the world around us along with ourselves. Some people can perform this skill more efficiently than others, but this interaction of psyche is able to detect inconsistencies within ourselves through the comparison of what we see around us. This awareness is only a single step to a task performed endlessly within ourselves, and is the starting point towards self-evaluation and consultation. When we find our own body aroused by elements that we haven't observed in others of our society we focus in on our difference. Sometimes it is corrected, normalizing our behavior, but if there is even the slightest allowance of enforcement and the passion is strong enough to keep that behavior, then it will stay in some form. Depending on how early the observation is made or how proficient the mind at sorting and calculating, we are able to develop our...

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