“No Two People Regard The World In Exactly The Same Way.”

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In other words, no two individuals look at the life the same manner. I agree with this quotation. Maggie Johnson from Maggie: a Girl of the Street by Stephen Crane and Kino from The Pearl by John Steinbeck demonstrate this idea. Life could change for the good because of money and then you would be happy, but that was not the case your life changes to sadness and death.

Maggie, the protagonist, lives in a slum on the lower East side of the Bowery in NYC. She lives in the tenement housing with her mother, Mary and her brother, Jimmie. It’s the turn of the 18th century and this Irish immigrant family is poor. Mary is a drunk and her brother, Jimmie drinks and fights with everyone. Maggie ...view middle of the document...

The story takes place at the turn of the century, in a small village where a family makes a living from the sea. The people are poor but they are happy. They dive for pearls to sell like all their ancestors did before them. The inheritance of the family boat makes sure that the family will survive. Kino, Juana and baby Coyotito hear the love song of the family and they live a simple life. They are happy. Kino, the protagonist in the story, dreams of finding the pearl of the world. With the money the pearl would bring, Kino and Juana could marry in church, Coyotito could go to school, and they could have the things that they could only dream about. Then, Coyotito is stung by the Scorpion, and he might die because the doctor won’t come to treat him because they have no money. Kino becomes angry and walks to town, but the doctor still won’t treat him. Kino is angry and hurt. Then he finds the pearl and he thinks that all his problems will be solved. His neighbors are happy for him but some are envious and tried to steal the pearl from him. Some attack him to steal the pearl for themselves. He stabs a man who comes into his brush house to steal the pearl. Juana tells Kino to throw the pearl away, that it has brought evil to their family. But Kino only sees the good that the pearl can do. Kino is deceived by the wealth that he could gain. Even his brother tells him that his pearl brings him harm. Kino, Juana and the baby go to the capitol to sell the pearl because the pearl sellers cheat him when he tries to sell it. Trackers follow the family and set out to kill them and steal the pearl from Kino. Juana knows the pearl has brought evil to them and she throws the pearl away. Kino becomes like an animal and punches and kicks his wife. The pearl has turned him into a beast, and he becomes a beast. He retrieves the pearl and doesn’t listen to the warning from his wife. He was attacked by strangers, which are the hunters who...

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