No Woman Fighting On The Front Line

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Men and women we are the same. We may have different body parts different emotions but women shouldn’t be treated any different. We do live in a free country; shouldn’t we have the freedom to choose what job we want? Women have rights whether it’s the right to bear arms or fight front row in combat. Thousands of women are fighting for their country whether it is in the Air force, Army, or military. The one thing women can’t do is fight in the front row of combat. Why? Because men don’t think we are strong enough. I say women should stand back and fight for their rights. All women should be able to fight in combat because men aren’t always emotionally stable, to further support women’s ...view middle of the document...

If women want to fight front row in combat so be it. When the U.S. is telling women they can’t, it just makes women feel that they aren’t as free as they think they are. The argument is that women can’t handle being on the front line in combat because they aren’t as physically or mentally capable as men. (“EDITORIAL: Women Have . Right to Fight for Freedom”). In fact 87% of women already fight in military services, just not in the front row. Fighting in the front row in combat should not have to deal with being emotionally unstable. I thought women and men were supposed to be treated equally.
Women are no different than men. I mean sure men are way bigger and stronger but I’ve seen women that are also very strong. Women were put in war just to be nurses. Women couldn’t even be a doctor because people said it was a man’s job. Critics say women possess physical and biological handicaps that will damage the cohesion of combat units. If they were put in combat. Women are still being treated unfairly. Women should be treated equally. Quote “Since the U.S. military has begun integrating women into combat positions; it hasn't lowered its training standards or made any concessions (“EDITORIAL: Women Have . Right to Fight for Freedom”). The changes made even to let women fight in the military services...

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