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No Women In Combat Essay

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Imagine this: The year is 2016 and today is super bowl Sunday in San Francisco. This game is said to be the first in U.S. and in world history where women are allowed to play without restrictions in the National Football League. We have the 49ers playing against the Raiders. The raiders recently signed their new female quarterback, Sophia Smith, who will be challenged by the new 49er female left-tackle, Martha Owens. These two females are among many females who have recently tried out and made the cut in professional football, and there are many more females in other professional sports, like Norma Rowling’s, who is an NBA forward for the Lakers, as well as (Ultimate Fighting Championship) UFC champion Maria Lopez, who fights men and women equally in the octagon, and who has beaten all of her male challengers in order to be named “champion of the cage.”
The above stories do not sound even remotely realistic because they don’t exist. These stories have no possibility of becoming a reality because it would be physically unfair for anyone to ponder placing females into areas requiring the brute and raw strength or endurance expected and displayed by men. Women never compete against men in individual or team sports, and even in individual non-contact sports like volleyball, tennis, or golf, women play against other women and men play only against other men; even Olympic sports separate both sexes due to their physiological differences.
The irony here is that even if women and men were allowed to play against each other it would not be fair…so why consider placing men and women on the same battle field when men and women have been proven to be different, not only physiologically but also mentally. Why consider placing men and women in any given job that requires a level of strength or endurance that could only be satisfied by a man, or a very small percentage of women, and even then not to the fullest level of completion.

A true warrior understands his/her strengths and weaknesses, and as such, we should realize that women are a vital component in our military, although not in combat, and we should utilize them where they will be more profitable for the outcome of any given mission. Evaluating their weaknesses does...

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