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The film Noah is an American biblical drama film that was released in 2014 (Paramount Pictures, 2014).  The biblical story that is displayed in the movie Noah was considered a controversial film.  This film is an artistic summary that is inspired by the Bible.  

The movie allows the viewer to reflect on parts of the Bible.  It does not imply that it is based on facts or a true story.  It is simply inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark in the Book of Genesis. 

The film was directed by Darren Aronofsky, who is noted for grossing over 362 million dollars with the film, Noah ("Noah Bio," 2014).  He was nominated for many awards for this film as well as prior films.  However, Noah was his highest grossing film to date. 

In my opinion, Noah did a good job of recreating the story of Noah’s Ark.  It did have many of the same events from the Bible that are referenced in the film.  The film-makers had to take a small section in the Bible and make it into a movie that was over two hours long.  Therefore, they had to add and omit some things to make it film worthy. 

The film had to entice the audience to want to watch the movie.  It needed to be similar to the real story, yet interesting enough for people to pay big money at the box offices. Therefore, they had to make some compromises between fact and fiction.

This film was listed as controversial because there were people who viewed the film as true evidence of the Bible.  They felt as if the film was discredited the Bible and was making fun of the way it was stated in the actual Book of Genesis.  They felt it was an insult to even make such a film. 

However, it was never meant to be this way.  It was not a religious movie, it was pure entertainment with a twist of biblical history. In my opinion, this is where some movie critiques went wrong.  They should not have taken the movie to such a personal level when they heard it was inspired of the biblical text.   

One important piece to note here is that with the Bible, there are so many important messages to be read.  However, everyone interpretation can be different.  My interpretation of a passage can be very different then my neighbor’s.  

This is why I feel so many people wanted to judge the film.  They wanted to take the context from their understanding of the Bible.  Again, this was not the directors intent.  Certain countries even forbid the movie from being displayed in theaters.  

The director had a tough job of making a film that so many people were already familiar with the real story of Noah’s Ark.  He adds and omits many things throughout the film.  One of the most interesting things I noticed in this film is that it speaks unambiguously about God.  It speaks of “the Creator”.  However, a mention of God is when Ham, who was Noah’s son, said to another “My Father says there can be no king.   The Creator is God” 2014 (Paramount Pictures, 2014).  That was one mention that stuck out in my mind. 


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