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Lessons From a Nobel Laureate


Lessons From a Nobel Laureate

Don Carter

Grand Canyon University

Lessons From a Nobel Laureate

Why do you think the small groups play such an important part in these successes?

I think that it is the fact that when you have a group of individuals working towards the same goal it is much more effective than if it was just one person. Each person in the group can offer advice based on their experiences. As groups are forming it is easy to see that each group member has unique skills and strengths. As a group starts to develop, each group member starts to play a certain role within the group. Roles are very important within in a group because they are part of the basic structure. The roles of small groups are not usually assigned in advance, but overtime emerge within the group. Roles within a group can arise from individuals stepping up to fulfill a role or they already have the skills needed to fulfill a certain role.

In each group it is important to have a leader, there are many roles in which a leader can guide the group, this guidance can be administered a number of different ways. A leader can order tasks to be completed, but a good leader can get the desired results by asking things to be done, or by guiding others through his or her own examples. This approach helps build the team's confidence in their leader as well as themselves.


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