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"His style is classical, simple refined and colourful". This is how people who regularly read the writings of this year's literature Nobel prize winner Jean Marie Gustavo Le Clezio. He is the 14th French man to win this prestigious award. This 68- year- old French man lives in the USA but often returns to his native in France.His career is 45-years long and has written more than 50 works which include novels, short stories, children's books, translations of Indian mythology, essays, and non-fiction. Books of photos and countless articles in newspapers and periodicals. His works reflect the suffering human conditions around the world.The Swedish academy spokesman while announcing the winner of this year's prize said, "His works have a cosmopolitan character, a French man more so a traveler and the citizen of the world" A French opinion poll result named him the greatest writer of the French language! ""I write because I love writing," says Le Clezio.French President Nicolas Sarkozy hailed Le Clezio as "one of our greatest writers who embodies the grandeur and influence of France, its culture and its values in a globalised world."Le Clezio will be richer by 10 million kronor (1.02 million Euro's, 1.42 million dollars) apart from a Nobel diplomaIn 1967, he was posted in Thailand under military service but he was expelled because he denounced child prostitution as his writing mostly was an exploration of child hood and his own family history. He was critical of the materialism of the west and he expressed concern for the poor. His present day writings...

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1262 words - 6 pages The Nobel Prize is an international award given for exceptional performances that have catalysed the development of mankind. In 1895, Alfred Nobel declared the prizes to be awarded in the fields of chemistry, medicine or physiology, physics, literature and peace. As stated in his will, the awards for each category would annually be chosen by the designated institutions, and the winner of which would acquire a significant sum of money [1]. Later

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1737 words - 7 pages transfusions. Although these efforts were not successful, problems related to transfusions were later solvedby an Austrian, Karl Landsteiner, who won the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.The Nobel Prize in Literature, too, reflects the donor's personal predilections. From his early youth he had been a writer as well as an avid reader,but he later destroyed many of his adolescent poems written in Swedish. He did, however, save a long

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830 words - 3 pages Toni Morrison's Literary Achievements In 1993 Toni Morrison joined the illustrious ranks of the Nobel Prize for Literature laureates as the ninetieth recipient, twentieth English-language author, eighth American, eighth woman, third black, and first African-American 1. Her mid-century predecessor William Faulkner (1897-1962) had just received the award in 1950 when Morrison (b. 1931) began writing her Master of Arts thesis on his work.2

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797 words - 4 pages misused for violence, a new war tool that was used to kill thousands of people. In regret for bringing all this destruction, he decided to reserve all his money, to prize others who made notable differences in the world, specifically in the fields of physics, medicine, literature, chemistry, and peace (as stated in Alfred Nobel’s will). The economics prize would later be added and funded by the Bank of Sweden, in 1968. Once Nobel died on

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643 words - 3 pages In his 1985 will, Alfred Nobel, a Swedish industrialist who made his fortune by inventing and selling dynamite, left to posterity a sizable prize fund, stipulating that it be used each year to recognize those individuals "who shall have contributed most materially to benefit mankind." (Bishop, 52)Today, the Nobel Prize is the most prestigious and coveted award in the world. It is the undisputed arbiter of greatness in physics, chemistry

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545 words - 2 pages . Especially in the area that we live, there are many people that have stone quarries that use dynamite to benefit themselves (Nobel Prize). In 1935 the winner of the Nobel Prize was a man named Sir James Chadwick. Chadwick was born in Cheshire England on October 20th 1891. He father's name was John Chadwick and is mother's Anne Mary Knowles Chadwick. Sir James went to school at Manchester High School. After High School he attended Manchester

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2454 words - 10 pages Since 1901, the Nobel Prize has honored men and women worldwide for his or her achievements whose work had been of the greatest benefit to mankind. It is a little known fact that the man who created the Nobel Peace Prize was the inventor of dynamite. Nobel’s dynamite was an extraordinary invention, with this invention we are now able to build roads, ports, bridges, mines, tunnels, and for the use of war

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