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Lucette's POV
I woke up with this strange feeling in my stomach. An emptiness. As if I haven’t ate in months. I didn’t feel sick, though my head felt kinda groggy. It was weird. I knew I ate something before bed last night, yet my stomach felt empty. Too empty. Actually my entire body felt kinda light weight and empty. I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I looked very pale, way to pale. “Ew.” I thought. That was one of the things I hated about myself, I was always very very pale. Also, my way too huge, green eyes looked bright, rather than the dull pale green it usually was. My cheekbones protruded more than usual. The only thing that didn't seem to change overnight was my hair, still thin and black and straight. I looked at the clock. My eyes widened in surprise. It was 5 minutes till school started. No time for a shower, I really didn't feel like taking one anyway. I looked down to what I was wearing; a t-shirt and leggings, what I usually wear to bed. Whatever, it will have to do I thought as I rushed and grabbed my bag and ran out the door. “Mom, Dad I'm leaving for school.” I yelled into the house before I left. No answer. It was eerily quiet. “Weird, they must have left early, or something.” I thought as I locked the door and started towards school.
The walk was short yet boring. Tons of people from my school walked the same way to school, none of them give a single glance towards me. I was used to it though. No one ever noticed me. I had no friends. In fact even some of the teachers ignore me. Sure, it hurts, but it's not like I can do anything about it. I walk into my homeroom and take my usual seat up in the front corner, away from everyone. The teacher takes attendance. I'm always last, for my last name was Zandra. After a few minutes of calling out names, and the teacher yelling at everyone for talking to much, she finally got to my name.
“Lucette Zandra”
I said here, but as if she couldn't hear she said again “Lucette are you here or not”
“Yes, I'm here” I say again.
“She's not here Miss Roldberg,” the snotty yet gorgeous b*t..sorry female dog, Zoella says as the teacher marks me absent. Well this is just great, I'm forced to be at school, even though I don't get any cred for being here right now. It was also weird though, it was like they both couldn't hear me. Must be one of those days where everyone just wants to ignore my existence.
Michael's POV
Love. LOVE. Spelled L-O-V-E. I'm in love. I realized it the day she accidentally bumped into me....

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