Nobody Really Knows A Pb&J Sandwich

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Realizing from the start you think you know how to cook, or make yourself a simple snack is pretty easy to predict. Well I realized people who think they know how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich really does not know how. To create a peanut butter and jelly sandwich you first need to gather up your ingredients, be familiar with the step-by-step directions, and follow the chronological order in order to complete the process.
You first need to realize that to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwiches there is a specific way in which to do it. Make sure your hands are sanitized to begin your process. Then gather up the things you will need to complete your task; the things you will need are a loaf of bread (of any preference), peanut butter jar, jelly jar (preferably strawberry jelly), a butter knife, a plate, and a cleaning cloth. You will begin by laying out your ingredients in the order they will be used. Open the loaf of bread and choose two slices of bread you most prefer. Set them aside, you may use as many slices of bread as preferred, depending on the size of appetite you may carry. You will need to wash your butter knife just to make sure it is fully sanitized hence it will interact with your meal. You may want to open up both of your jars since the butter knife will not go through the lid. Open up your peanut butter jar and place the lid right next to the jar, so it can be easier to put away once used. Then repeat the same process for the strawberry jelly (or jam) jar, just so the process is flexible. Make sure you keep the cleaning cloth some where it is easy to reach.
Furthermore, to begin your peanut butter jelly sandwich you will to utilize the slices of bread first. Take a slice of bread and place it in the palm of your left hand and with the right hand pick up the butter knife. Dip the butter knife in the order I will mention. Do not put the strawberry jelly first before the...

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