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2.3 Nokia brand dimensionsIn this essay, I will go deeper in Nokia's branding strategy by looking through its four brand dimensions: brand personality, brand positioning, product strategy and brand promoting through advertising2.3.1 Brand personality.An important key that Nokia uses to build its brand strength is developing a unique brand personality. Let's make a comparison between Nokia and its strongest competitor, Motorola. As Tam Harbert of Electronic Business magazine has put it: "If Nokia Corp. were a person, it would be young, sexy, sophisticated, hip and generally "with it"". Ask analysts to personify Telefon AB L.M. Ericsson-even its name is stiff--and you'd get an austere, conservative, middle-aged Swedish engineer."So, generally, what does Nokia stand for?Nokia has detailed many personality characteristics for its brand, but employees do not have to remember every characteristic. They do, however, have to remember the overall impression of the list of attributes, as one would when thinking about someone one has met. As the strategic focus is on customer relationships, the Nokia personality is like a trusted friend. Building friendship and trust is at the heart of the Nokia brand.The Nokia brand personality is:-Characterized by trust, dependability, understanding, and caring- A friend is there for you, treats you with respect, is comfortable, is someone you like, and is an enjoyable person with whom to spend time.A case in point - Nokia 5110, the first mobile phone that utilizes Graphical User Interface, shows an easily understandable icon next to words that describe it quickly won user acceptance in a short while, people went crazy about it and marvel at the user friendliness it has. It is also the first mobile phone that includes a simple yet mesmerizing game --Snake. This adds up to the frenzy, other than that, changeable faceplates (express-on covers) quickly became a trendsetter which allows users to change the looks of their phones. This is a revolutionary step by Nokia, and quickly, 5110 was accepted worldwide and receive numerous awards for its thoughtful design which relates to Nokia's advertising motto "Human Technology".Now, Nokia's name, after all these years since 5110, has became synonym with User Friendly; this goodwill has help Nokia with new adopters which quickly short listed Nokia as their primary choice while selecting between phones due to the fact that they were afraid of not being able to master how it works. This goodwill has help Nokia greatly.2.3.2 Brand positioningWhen Nokia positions its brand in the crowded mobile phone marketplace, its message must clearly bring together the technology and human side of its offer in a powerful way. The specific message that is conveyed to consumers in every advertisement and market communication (though not necessarily in these words) is "Only Nokia Human Technology enables you to get more out of life."In many cases, this is represented by the tag line, "We call this human...

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