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Should the conflicting rights of non-English speaking people be taken away because of an English-only law? I think non-English speaking people have the right to speak their homeland language in public events and as part of their social lives. In America no one should be allowed to be a form of prisoner because of their native language. There should be laws or ordinances to prohibit persons from confronting—either verbally or physically- non-English speaking persons for speaking their native language in their work or social life. Whenever these confrontations prompt wide spread publicly, native English speaking Americans begin debating the degree of influence that non-English speaking people can have in the social, political, and economic realms.
Under the guise of protecting these sacred freedoms some agencies of the government – police forces, tax entities, and licensing agencies—have persecuted non-English speaking immigrants, particularly when the language barrier is appointed. Americans have rights and power. Under these guises of protecting these rights and the current power of Americans, some agencies persecute non-English speaking people. For examples, the NYPD as CNN reported, arrested woman taxi driver of in New York City for allegedly for not speaking English and ticketed for not having a valid English driver’s license. Another example, fox news report, our school environment have abuse racially children for not speaking English, because of the English only movement forcing children to learn English only as their prime language. Whether this illegal, discriminatory treatment of non-English speaking immigrants derives for racism or natives, these abuses will grow dramatically if the English only laws are entitled. These laws will mandate English as the official language, but at the same time give authority to government agencies to persecute non-English speaking immigrants more. American people even endanger the political life of non-English speaking people.
Beyond the threats and persecuting of various government agencies, many American have engaged in behavior that limits the political power, culture, and environment of non-English speaking immigrants. American people tend to target non-English speaking people, whom English is not their first language, with guns and immigration documents papers of been illegal. There are many non-English speaking people who have been killed by American people or whom have been deported to their homeland by an overly aggressive American person, because they are non-English speakers. American people antics are dangerous. For an example, the minuteman has gone to the extreme to keep non- English speaking immigrants out of United States in order to their language, by setting camp on the board of Mexico, and shoot non-English speaking people with rifles even killing them as a NBC news had reported. Another example, is when non-English speaking political person as the major of California Antonio...

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