Non Native Species Has Had This Effect On Australian

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With the rapid development of economy and advancement of technology, television has become an indispensable part of the mass culture. As one of the most important inventions in the 20th century, it has an immeasurable influence on human beings, especially children. Compared to the other kinds of media, television is characterized by integrating images with sound. In this way, the visual impact provided by television satisfies children's pursuit of entertainment. However, some researchers found that TV watching time was negatively associated with the diet and physical activity (Taras, Sallis, Patterson, Nader & Nelson, 1989). The disadvantages of TV have terribly affected children. This essay will firstly discuss the advantages of TV watching for children from three aspects. Following this, it will demonstrate the disadvantages of watching TV. Finally, it will make a comment on the opinion that the advantages of TV outweigh the disadvantages for children.On the one hand, in accordance with some medical studies, children benefit a lot from watching TV. First of all, children's curiosity of knowing more about the surrounding around them is raised by watching TV since the visual and the sound effect are well combined in the advertisement. Gunter and McAleer once held that television could be a valuable tool in the home and at school, and played an important role in children's intellectual and social development (Gunter & McAleer, 1990). Children obtain the visual stimulation through various television programs, especially the advertisement. It is a great opportunity to cultivate children's cognitive ability, the observation ability as well the reasoning ability. Subsequently, through the exposure to different kinds of programs, children could broaden their view and enrich their experiences. In terms of the statistics, more than half of the parents believed that TV helped their children expand the imagination (Durrani, 2008). As a matter of fact, the knowledge children accumulate step by step paves the way for their learning in the future. It is a feasible way for children to get to know the society when they are still young. The last but not the least, television not only offers interesting program but also helps children practice their skills. The expression skill is greatly improved through watching TV. By constantly absorbing large amount of information, the ability of assessment and analysis will also be improved.On the other hand, the disadvantages of TV watching have an affect on the growth of children. To begin with, TV watching leads to health risk. In accordance with Newcombe, the researchers found that watching TV as a way to kill time was not helpful to health (Newcombe, 2003). The function of visual accommodation has not developed fully for children. It is difficult for children to make accommodation or adaptation when they are faced with strong light. However, due to children's preference to strong visual effect, their eye sight...

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