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Sources Of Implicature In Videos Uploaded By Ahmad Hasan Alzoubi To Youtube

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1. Introduction
The main function of a language is communication. We use words to express ourselves and words are our tools of conveying meanings. If a person was able to use words in a way that another person understands them, the message will reach and probably the goal of communication might be achieved.
The study of meaning is the concern of Pragmatics, the branch of linguistics that studies the use of language in human communications determined by the conditions of society. (Karthik, 2013)
There are ways in which words are used to convey the meaning indirectly in which the listener needs to exert more effort to understand what is meant. A speaker may arrange words in a way that makes his speech funny and listeners will laugh but in depth he means more than what is said and the real meaning might not be a source of laughter.
Moreover, a speaker may use sarcasm as an insincere form of politeness to offend his interlocutor or the person or situation being addressed. (Brousfield, 2010, p. 213)
In this paper, the researcher tries to shed light on ‘implicature’ as a linguistic device used to attract the listeners attention and the sources of implicature obtained in social media.

1.1 The topic
The researcher aims to find out the sources of implicature in videos uploaded by the sarcastic journalist Ahmad Hasan Alzoubi to the social website ‘youtube’ and to find out which maxim had been flouted .
1.2 Research Questions
This paper aims to find out sources of implicature that occurred in videos posted on youtube social website by the sarcastic journalist Ahmad Hasan Alzoubi. The researcher aims to investigate of failing to observe the maxims of cooperative principles occurred and why were these.
1.3 Research Approach
This research is a qualitative analytical study aiming to have an in-depth understanding of the use of implicature in social media by using a relatively limited number of video samples to illicit information supporting the hypothesis empirically.
1.4 Implications
Due to limitations of time, only 10 videos were downloaded and analyzed. Each video required a continuous work of listening, watching and transcribing for about 6 hours. Analyzing each video of the selected 10 clips required approximately the work of 10 hours.
2. Literature review
2.1 Theoretical Background
In 1975, Paul Grice proposed four maxims in "Logic and Conversation". He was interested in the intended meaning in an utterance beyond what the normal syntactic and semantic analysis of a statement provides. This meaning depends in a complex way on what the speaker of the statement intends to mean by it, and on what the hearer understands to be the speaker's intentions.
The word ‘implicature’ is derived from the verb ‘to imply’. To imply means ‘to fold something into something else’. A conversational implicature is something which is implied in conversation, that is, something which is left implicit in actual language use. (May, 2001)
Grice states two types of...

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