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Non Oscar Nominated: First Position Essay

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Many people have claimed to have lost faith in the Oscars. Some made this claim after the documentary First Position was not nominated. This documentary fit all of the possible categories but it sis not make it. There are many reasons that it should have been nominated and those reasons are because of ballet’s historical significance, its continuous debates about gender, race, and sexuality, and ballet’s advocacy of talent, passion and drive.
The history of ballet travels back to the time of King Louis XIV. According to Dance At Court, King Louis XIV was known as ballet’s first star for his exceptional dancing skills and his power to turns people’s minds away from war. While at court, King Louis dances distracted everyone’s views of wealth, war, and land and focuses their attention on the beauty and charisma of dance and poetry. Dance shaped the world politically with King Louis XIV and his dancing. It also shapes the world culturally and socially with their different types of court dance. They are all different but ballet was the court dance of France, and other European countries.
Ballet, now, it presented to entertain the people who come to the shows to watch phenomenal dancers perform classical ballets as they always have been performed. However, it has changed. Ballet has been changed into different forms that people believe that are not true to what ballet was suppose to be. Dance forms such as neoclassical ballet, lyrical, romantic ballets and more. However, there places that contribute to keeping the true art of classical ballet in the world. Places such as the royal Ballet School in London, the Kirov Ballet School in Russia, and especially, the Paris Opera Ballet in France. Ballet is a historical art form that needs to be preserved but also should have variations that change with the times. In the documentary First Position, the dancers in the documentary are competing in the Youth Grand Prix to receive scholarships; admissions into some of the ballet schools mentioned before and even receive spots in companies. This competition is very cutthroat and these dancers are competing under incredible pressure. Any award received at this competition is a great honor. This competition contributes dancers to these schools that will continue to preserve the art that is classical ballet.
Ballet is a historical art form, but it is also a very controversial art form. Gender is a controversial topic in classical ballet. Boys and men have a hard time, as it is to become renowned dancers. Most people believe that they are just there to support the ballerina and contribute to the story. Some performances have raised eyebrows and questions about using males otherwise. One performance is Matthew Bourne’s rendition of Swan Lake. The main characters that seemed to be of importance were male. There was an all male swan corp de ballet. This was very different from the usual all female swans. The reason it was so controversial was the plain fact that they were...

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