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Non Pharmaceutical Treatments To Decrease The Duration Of Vasospasms In Raynaud’s Disease Patients

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Raynaud’s disease is caused by episodic vasospasms (attacks) of the peripheral arteries during changes of cold weather or stress (Carrasco 2008). The hands and feet turn a bluish/purple from lack of circulation which causes the limbs to feel cold. Vasodilation will occur quickly and result in the extremities feeling hot and painful (Carrasco 2008). Non pharmaceutical treatments for Raynaud’s disease include acupuncture, massage therapy, and nitric oxide, which test the duration (Appiah 1997, Tucker 1999, Walton 2007). Massage therapy and nitric oxide prove to decrease the duration, but acupuncture does not (Appiah 1997, Tucker 1999, Walton 2007).
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When the gel was applied an increase in vasodilator response was maximized, reaching a plateau and did not change until gel was removed (Tucker 1999). A single application of gel showed maximum vasodilator effect that helped to decrease symptoms of Raynaud’s disease. Researchers find that when a vasospasm occurred could be applied at the point of attack and allowed for vasodilation and decreased duration of attack (Tucker 1999).
Unlike massage therapy and nitric oxide, acupuncture does not limit the duration (Tucker 1999, Walton 2007). Acupuncture is an alternative treatment to regular medical medication used for Raynaud’s disease. Appiah et al. (1997) studied 33 subjects who were monitored over a 23-week period and attacks were rated on a 10-point visual scale. The subjects were between 18-60 years of age were split into an experimental group who received acupuncture (17) and a control group who did not receive acupuncture (16) (Appiah 1997) . After acupuncture was conducted moxibustion , heat therapy, was applied over the acupuncture site which allowed the subjects to feel a heat sensation. During weeks 1, 12, and 24 cooling test were added along with nailfold capillaroscopy (Appiah 1997, Mahler 1989). The researchers concluded that 11 of 17 subjects in the experimental group had improvements from Raynaud’s disease (Appiah 1997). Subjects given acupuncture had a reduced frequency...

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