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Non Profit Management Case Study: Greenhill Community Center

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ContentsSummary-------------------------------------------------------------------------------3Background----------------------------------------------------------------------------3Problems for Greenhill------------------------------------------------------------3-5Advises & Suggestions------------------------------------------------------------5-9Conclusion-----------------------------------------------------------------------------9Reference-----------------------------------------------------------------------------10SummaryIn this case of "Greenhill Community Center", described as a executive director - Leslie was dealing with several issues within this non-profit organization, she had learned MBA and thought having experiences to fit her position, but after one year of managing the center, she felt frustration and anger.Background of the Greenhill Community CenterGreenhill was multi-service community center which was founded in 1982 in Coastal City, one of the poorest cities on the East Coast. The city had experienced several waves of immigration of refugees from Southeast Asia. Greenhill's main purpose was to provide human service programs such as day care, elder programs, music classes and afterschool programs. The Center has a budget of nearly $700,000 with revenues coming from tuition, grants, fundraising and rental income.Problems:During the time of management by Leslie, there were several issues and crisis coming up as following:The executive director:Leslie was learned her management skills from college, in actual, things happen differently from book; her previous job was focused on administration, not on business management, working as a executive direct in a non-profit organization is a totally different thing than her last job, during the time she's facing to the problems of lack of experience, and having different management style from prior CEO.Planning processLeslie suggested the Center with a wide and long-range planning process, it would better arrange the operation structure for the organization, but the trustees were only agreed to spend one hour more to one regular board meeting to do planning, and they refused to a day-long retreat.Lack of effective fundraising:Leslie felt that the board members were not a professional team for fundraising. The trustees preferred to do special events but hide them behind. The current fundraising sources were only 20% depended on fundraising, it is not health for a non-profit organization, and the un-participation of the trustees left the executive director a heavy work load to do the fundraising alone. Fundraising had not met the target. It is the major problem, in case of the center cannot be survived with short on money.Lack of racial diversity:Facing to the effect that the Center was reaching out the Asian community, Greenhill needed more capable staff who speaks more language to deal with different clients, but only one staff member supported Leslie's idea for diversity.Sexual...

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