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Non Profit And For Profit Schools In Society.

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Dating back to the mid-1970's and mid-1980's, education was a darling of high-technology in investment. Today, investment in education is only a fraction of overall private-equity spending. Investment trends in education lie within four key segments: schools, products, services, and e-services. The question, it seems, is not whether to invest in education, but where and how. The increasingly voluble cry of parents for better educational systems, for-profit education, and for school-voucher programs is drawing more attention and investment to this sector. The industry has responded to this call for new options through emerging for-profit education market. The question mostly asked is will for-profit education succeed educationally as well as financially?Channel One, founded by Chris Whittle in 1989, is possibly the most famous. Channel One, an MTV-style classroom news show for junior-high and high- school students, garnered significant criticism from teachers and parents alike because its business model was based on advertising revenues. Parents and educators feared that the for-profit schools would lose sight of academic goals and instead focus on support for their advertising partners. Whittle sold Channel One in the early 90's. WhittleDwyer 2then returned in 1992, with the intent on proving for-profit critics wrong with his new company, the Edison Project. Figuring that if he could get facilities and tax dollars already that he can turn a profit. The ideal question for any for-profit school company is: If you're going to turn a profit, what is your strategy going to be? This question worries me, not anywhere in this question does it mention children or what will be in the best interest of the children. What are these companies worried about? Are they worried about the educational system working in favor of our children? in favor of the companies? The answer is most likely both with favoring one side. The companies want it to work educationally, due to them wanting to turn a profit. If it were for the sole purpose of educating our children it would not have caught the eye of so many competitors.One concern with Edison schools is that teachers are being overworked and under paid. Teachers are staying way passed the work day and even returning on weekends to finish the weeks work schedule. Edison focuses on hiring young un-married individuals who can tolerate the hectic work schedule, but even then the single individuals cannot keep up to the standard curriculum of Edison. Many teachers say that rigid scheduling and prescribed programs, intended to promote accountability, prevented them from taking active role in their teaching. Dina Deligiorgis, who left Edison after two years stated " The curriculum is not flexible at all: it doesn't allow for individual creativity."Dwyer 3Another concern is that Edison schools are siphoning money away from the rest of the districts. Edison, is not charged by the districts for various services, which puts other...

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