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Non Profit Concepts Essay

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Ridgeview Christian School is a non-profit, private, Christian school located in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. They are a ministry of Ridgeview Baptist Church and was established in 1976. I am very familiar with this school as my daughter has been a student there for four years and my husband is an alumnus. The reason I chose this was because I am knowledgeable in their history, values and even flaws that they have.
The first important concept for Ridgeview Christian School is their mission statement (p. 164). Without their values and mission they would not be set apart from a public school. They have several components of their mission statement and some are as follows: Biblical Worldview-“We aim to teach our students to see the world as God intended, through the lens of the truth of the Bible through every academic subject” (Ridgeview). A second component of their vision is to train students to use their critical thinking skills and not just memorize information. ...view middle of the document...

Worth states it well when he mentions that the reason for high importance of accountability is due to the fact that donors view their support as a “social investment” (p. 128).
Lastly the concept of volunteerism (p. 232) is important to Ridgeview Christian School. The importance is due to the fact that parents are always needed and welcomed to become part of their student’s classroom and volunteer to read weekly to the children, help with class projects, parties or field trips. A parent can help plan and decorate for banquets, and programs. Ridgeview also looks for volunteers for operating the concession stand for ballgames. There are many opportunities for volunteering there. The only problem that the school faces is parents not wanting to volunteer. For example, the school is hosting a “Family Fun Day” where there will be bounce houses, hot dogs and auction, face painting and so forth. The school is asking for item donations and corporate sponsors for their program they will print. When it came time for the parents and administration to pull together and brainstorm this function only 4 people attended. Given this is a school of about 160 some students and administrative staff. Reading our text mentions that there have been periods of declining volunteerism and this is due in part to “the increasing demands that society places on people’s time, especially those in the midst of careers and family life…” (Worth, 2014).
In review the three concepts of Mission, Transparency and Volunteerism is important for Ridgeview Christian School. Without their mission they would be comparable to a public school who did not teach Biblical values. Ridgeview needs to work on their transparency and be a little more open about their finances and parents need to take the initiative to volunteer because without it the school could inevitably end up in a dire situation.

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