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Non Radar In Air Traffic Control Essay

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The opinions about non-radar procedures in Air Traffic Control seem to vary. Most people I have heard or read from over the past few years have said that non-radar is pointless when you have radar. Others have said that it is a good way to coordinate with other controllers and that you cannot always rely on technology. I find this scenario similar to movies and literature. Nowadays for example, most people would rather watch the movie The Hunger Games rather than read the book. The same goes with those who say why we don’t need non-radar procedures when there is radar. Every new generation seems to be absorbing more technology at a younger age to the point where it becomes preferable, and they become dependent on it. However, it is smart to learn how to read before depending on any fancy technology. Because long before radar even existed, there was non-radar separation. Non-radar separation was the backbone and foundation for the separation of aircraft. There are advantages to be gained from using non-radar, and with the implementation of next-gen technologies these procedures should still be taught.
There are advantages to using non-radar procedures in Air Traffic Control. Learning to identify conflicts with aircraft using flight progress strips is difficult, but important. It is easy to get tunnel vision while looking at a radar screen, so learning to recognize conflicts without the screen can be beneficial. Non-radar helps controllers practice coordinating with other controllers as well. It is important to efficiently pass off aircraft when an aircraft is changing airspace. I found an article where a pilot described a certain time where he was flying over west Kansas towards Santa Fe, New Mexico, and lost radar service. He was told to maintain 010 and attempt contact every 10 miles on a certain frequency. The pilot described it to be a little unnerving to not have radar or radio contact (Turner, 2010). I found this to be a good example of why non-radar procedures are needed. There are times where an aircraft will not have radar contact, and it is important that all air traffic controllers know non-radar procedures during those times.
Non-radar procedures are important enough to still be taught today. Even the FAA Academy continues to teach non-radar procedures. There was an interesting study done in 2009 that asked “is non-radar training a predictor of radar performance?” There always seems to be a discussion in the Federal Aviation Administration about whether non-radar training is necessary for radar controllers to learn. In non-radar, controllers rely on estimated times over fixes on flight progress strips rather than monitoring a radar screen. It is clear that radar and non-radar have different methods of separating traffic (Sethumadhavan, 2009). The study itself was done to investigate whether non-radar training would predict a future performance for a controller in radar training. Sixteen random participants...

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