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Non Renewable Vs. Renewable Energy Essay

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Renewable energy is energy generated from a natural resource. The reason why these sources are called ‘renewable’ is due to the fact that they quickly replenish themselves and therefore we have a relatively everlasting supply. Resources that can not be restored in a short space of time are categorised as non-renewable. In order to acquire a sustainable future we should not so readily dispose of resources that can not be renewed so quickly. As well as this there is the fact that using chemicals as a source of energy is taking it’s toll on the environment. Non-Renewable Sources

84% of the world’s energy comes from non-renewable sources. This creates problems because these sources are not ...view middle of the document...

The coal mines themselves create devastation to the environment. Carbon-dioxide also produces other emissions like sulfur, nitrogen oxide and mercury, which can all contribute to the pollution of both the air and water. Sulfur combines with oxygen and forms sulfur dioxide, which can produce acid rain. Nitrogen oxide also contributes to acid rain as well creating smog Mercury can enter the water and impact of fish and shellfish, being harmful to people and animals who eat them. Coal mining is deemed to be one of the most dangerous risks in the world with many deaths resulting. New techniques allowing mountain top removal have led to even greater destruction of the environment.This surface mining can create flooding, erosion and permanent land change. Renewable energy sources (solar, wind, tidal, geothermal) are relatively high-cost, however they are plentiful resources that don’t raise the same concern as non-renewable energy sources to the environment.

Geothermal energy is a relatively common energy source. To brake down what geothermal electricity really is, you can just look at the word, Geo, means the Earth and thermal means heat, therefore this energy is made using the heat of the Earth underground. In order to get electricity there is a geothermal power plant that taps into hot water reservoirs and steam underneath the surface of the Earth, the heat is then taken and used to drive what is called an electrical generator.

There are many positive sides to using geothermal energy opposed to an non-renewable energy source. Deep down in the Earth there is a huge amount of thermal energy that renews very quickly. Burning fuels and chemicals to create energy is extremely harmful to the Earth, however geothermal energy is exactly the opposite, using it reduces acid rain by 97%.

However, geothermal energy is not perfect and has its downfalls and disadvantages. Because of the pipes used for geothermal energy it has an inability to be moved and another big problem with geothermal energy is location, the rocks must be easy enough to drill through and area must have suitable hot rocks at the right depth. There is a large investment needed to build a power station, however once everything is put into place the cost is the lowest of all energy sources.Coal has a negative impact on the Earth, when the coal is being burnt it lets of...

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