Non Traditional Weddings Essay

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Many freshly engaged couples have stars in their eyes after the big marriage proposal comes about. They have no idea what to do after the euphoria starts to wear off, so they tend to bend and fold to the pressures of how other people think their special day should be, but most are just happy to have found their soul mate and just want to seal the deal.
Well, a hearty congratulations to those adventuresome, fun-loving couples that are brave enough to not only go against the grain, but also against well-meaning family members that are confused about whose wedding it actually is supposed to be for. Tradition is nice, but in this economy many people are on a budget, choosing instead to put money down on a house or honeymoon, in lieu of a huge wedding
A beach wedding can be a unique solution and still be just as traditional and romantic as a church wedding, not to mention a blast for friends, family and children. It’s much simpler to organize as there are fewer details to worry about and infinitely less expensive. A beautiful sunset is free and can be the perfect backdrop for your golden day.
While there are many advantages to a beach wedding, there are still things that have to be taken care of in advance in order for it to come off without any major hitches. Here are some basic “heads up” to make your day go smoother and stress-free.
After finding the most exotic, romantic spot on the beach, check on any permits you may need to have. Do this well in advance. Also, don’t forget to get a tide report. Not only will this help you in deciding what time you want your wedding to start, but it will be helpful when picking the perfect spot for you to share your first kiss as man and wife. You don’t want any distractions when the tide comes rolling in while Cousin Gertrude is singing her song. After all, she has faithfully practiced it for two solid months.
In addition, have a tent or some type of shelter if it turns out to be a windy day. This is especially nice for covering food and your elderly guests, not to mention the havoc those beach...

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