'non Verbal Communication May Be As Powerful As Oral Or Written Communication.' Discuss

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The most basic form of communication to human beings is non-verbal, which is often unplanned and spontaneous but can give a greater impact than verbal communication.*Body language is the main medium for communicating non-verbally and takes place through facial expression, gestures and postures and physical contact; these all provide important clues as to our own and other people's behaviour and real feelings.*Facial expressions and eye movements, such as smiles and frowns,showing signs of anger or disbelief, reveal both the type and intensity of feeling and are particularly effective in communication.*Gestures and postures such as pointing, and the way an individual moves, sits or stands, can express a number of different feelings: friendliness, hostility, assertiveness and power. In copying gestures and postures, our body language confirms that we are thinking and feeling the same way as the other ...view middle of the document...

This may be an important way of breaking down initial barriers and therefore opening up the opportunity for effective communication.*Voice characteristics form an important part of our personality and relay a great deal of information. They are extensively used in verbal marketing communications such as radio and television advertising. Accents and tones reflect psychological characteristics, seductive voices and tones increase our attention and research suggests that consumers of information find it difficult to listen to monotone voices. Successful speech is confident and positive, particularly in presentations to clients, or at conferences.*Personal appearance, in terms of what you wear, when you wear it, and hairstyle and make-up, expresses psychographic characteristics of lifestyle and personality, occupational and socio-economic grouping, sexuality and even political orientation and religion. The images you wish to be projected in a visual communication such as a poster campaign can be achieved through combining clothes and styling, and are mostly used to reflect aspirational values of the target market. In your professional capacity, the type of clothing worn at formal functions such as an advertising pitch may differ from office clothes or clothes worn when attending a training seminar.*The use of time and personal space is a rather more abstract concept in non-verbal communication but is just as important, particularly in business situations. The size and type of office, its furnishings and equipment will usually reflect the status and position of an individual in a business organisation.In some cultures it is important to be late if you wish to demonstrate power and status. In other societies or business environments this would be considered disrespectful and even rude.In conclusion, non-verbal communication consists of:* Body language: Gestures, postures,eye movements,type of physical contact and voice characteristics* Personal appearance: Clothes, hair, make-up* Use of time and personal space: Manners, hospitality, respect, physical space

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1630 words - 7 pages -verbal communication is often affected by ones culture. With these different factors, many of the acts of non-verbal communication create different meanings among differing cultures and may be gender sensitive. We see in business as well as in day-to-day life, how body language plays a vital role in communication. A frown or a smile in a certain situation could have totally different meanings however; sometimes the meanings are shared across the

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3336 words - 13 pages that the majority of information is conveyed through non-verbal signals, most of which come from the eyes. This explains why it's often hard to convey subtle meanings over the telephone or through the written word. Because the person receiving your message can't see your body or face, your meaning may well be misinterpreted. If you can learn to employ non-verbal channels consciously, you will add a new dimension to your persuasive skills

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1219 words - 5 pages 1.0INTRODUCTIONOne way or another we are communicating - even if we say nothing at all. Whereas language seems to be the most obvious means of communication, much more information is communicated beyond the pure words that are exchanged during a conversation. Birdwhistell (1970) claimed that up to 65% of a message's meaning is communicated through non-verbal clues. Today, some researchers put the amount of information being transmitted non

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1016 words - 4 pages the term “Body language.” This practice of communication has become a social norm and plays an important role in non verbal communication throughout the years. These gestures and movement can be interrupted as friendly or threatening based on the relationship or the situation. These gestures frequently communicate what words cannot say. When we talk to other individuals, we send messages that are acknowledged, interpreted, and responded to

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