Noneffectiveness Of Foster Program Humber College/ Youth And Crime Assignment

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Literature Critique Assignment: Eliminate foster care programs
Prisca Ernogene
Youth & Crime 2003
October 6, 2017
Sharonne Stone
Brief Summary of the Article
This article addresses issues concerning young children experiencing physical maltreatment or neglect that are placed in the foster care programs. The study examined sample of 110 children which include 31 physically maltreated children and 79 neglected children. Each set of groups were examined for differences in their adjustment while in foster care and discharge.
some distinct differences psychically maltreated children showed greater difficulty during their foster care adjustment. In contrast, children experiencing neglect were younger, were more likely to have their foster parents diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder, and have higher rates of exposure to spousal violence. Lastly, this study draws attention to the differential needs of children who experience neglect prior to their admission to a foster care program. Longer-term outcome studies are necessary to more completely understand how these two types of maltreatment influence the outcome of children who are provided care within the child welfare system. The author does display of stan on more Liberal point of view in which demonstrate more emphasis on children social being.
Based on the findings the study investigated the relationship of previous experiences of abuse and neglect children and its relationship to children’s experiences in foster care and follow up. Of particular importance the current results indicate that abused and neglected children who enter the foster care program have different needs and challenges.
Also the method used were random sampling procedures from all children who had files opened and received services from one large urban child welfare agency, considered to be accurate which is represented the current larger child welfare populations. The findings showed relevant characteristic. In contrast, I did notice both findings still in need for further research. For instance, the files were taken from the London Middlesex CAS in which state have an abundance of information, in which we cannot guarantee that all of the relevant information was recorded accurately and completely in the file. Primary sources of data should be their next focus
Article 2
Jason D. B., et la. (2009). Challenges of Transcultural Placements: Foster Parent Perspectives
Based on this article, they randomly selected licensed foster parents in central Canadian province, to get insights on the challenges they have face since becoming foster parent.
This is a quantitative analysis of qualitative data explicitly stated the use of the concept map
They were able to retrieve seven themes from the analysis.
Lastly, they found several distinctions between the literature and...

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