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Nonprofit Organizations Essay

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Nonprofit OrganizationsIn The Age of Social Transformation Peter F. Drucker talks about nonprofit organizations that are no longer solved through the communities or the government. Nonprofit organizations are very essential to many people in the United States. Many organizations help with factors in the environment, advancement of education, relief of poverty, and youth mentoring. By volunteering and helping out these organizations, we as citizens are able to give back to the community. So exactly why are nonprofit organizations so helpful and what are their goals?Drucker explains the nonprofit sector, and how it helps with challenges in the community. Churches used to be the largest nonprofit able organizations in the U.S. Since the 1990s nonprofit organizations have been registered in the U.S. that are not associated with the church. Most of these organizations focus on the environment rather than the church. The organizations that are somewhat connected to religion are known as "parachurches" according to Drucker (239). They engage is tasks, such as the rehabilitation of alcohol and drug addicts, the rehabilitation of criminals, or elementary school education (239). He also discusses "pastoral" churches, which are concerned with the individual's spiritual needs.Nonprofit organizations are known as "nonprofits," which means that by law, they don't pay taxes. The purpose of organizations is to create human health and wellbeing (240). There are more and more people volunteering since 1990. As a volunteer an individual can make a difference and re-create society.Out of the millions of nonprofit organizations, there are two that catch my eye. The Sierra Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. The two of these organizations help out the community and America in separate ways.The Sierra Club is and organization that focuses more on the environment than religion. They are committed to protect wild land, clean water, and wildlife habitat. To accomplish this they are designating lands that are protected parks, refuges, and wilderness, protecting threatened land for the future, and rebuilding and recovering of healthy natural systems. Our country is beginning to lose some of our forests, water, and natural resources. Our wilderness has decreased in the last 100 years. More than 95% of America's old-growth forests are gone, the timber, oil, has exploited 52% of National Forests and mining industries and 52% of wetlands have been drained (Sierra Club).The Sierra Club is working on improving the waters and preserving the forests. Sierra Club is trying to eliminate pollution in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Ever since the Clean Water Act was passed in 1972 there has been significant improvements, but still America is a long way away from cleaning all the waterways (Sierra Club). The water campaign focuses on water quality, wetlands, and factory farms. To improve our water, individuals need to stop illegal pollution, reduce polluted runoff, and provide the...

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